Scrubbers Scrubbers Scrubbers

     We design and manufacture Scrubbing system to suit client’s requirement. The scrubbing systems are designed for scrubbing the gases like Hcl / H2SO4 / SO2 / SO3 / Br / Cl2 /etc.

     These Scrubbers are manufactured in PP+FRP / PPH+FRP / PVC+FRP / PVDF+FRP / FRP / FRV etc.

     We manufacture and supply Scrubbers including Internals like Packings with Supports, Demister Pad with Supports and Spray Piping.

Capacity         : 500 CFM  to 50000 CFM

Size                : 100 mm Dia to 3500 mm Dia

Types of Scrubbers :

  1. Packbed Scrubber.
  2. Venturi Scrubber.
  3. Cyclon Scrubber.